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A traditional Danish house clad in STONEPANEL Multicolor

A traditional Danish house clad in STONEPANEL™ 

Nowadays, Danish architecture is world-renowned due to its cutting-edge design, practical functionality and sustainability goal. This new house constructed in Frederikssund Municipality, near Copenhagen, is inspired by traditional constructions in Denmark which used wood and natural stone for exterior cladding. This single-family house takes advantage of the benefits of our STONEPANEL™ natural stone system, the only […]



Granite for kitchen countertop

How to choose natural stone for kitchen countertops

A countertop is a significant part of your kitchen. Choosing a material for your worktop is a huge decision because it will impact on the aesthetics and practical function of this important part of your house. A well-chosen countertop will make your kitchen more useful and easy to maintain. This is why natural stone can […]





Ventilated facades clad in natural stone

Natural stone advantages for ventilated facades

In the recent years, ventilated facades are gaining traction as a result of the urgent need to create efficient buildings. Architects and engineers are looking for materials that offer strength, flexibility and a contemporary design. Natural stone offers all the advantages of a sustainable material combined with the benefits of a ventilated façade: energy efficiency, savings […]



Natural stone floor

Natural stone floor coverings have lower environmental and economic impact than other materials

  Natural stone floor coverings have significantly lower environmental and economic impact than other covering materials such as ceramics, carpets, PVC, laminates and parquet. This is the major conclusion of a team of researchers from the Institute for Materials in Construction at the University of Stuttgart, after carrying out a new comprehensive study about sustainability of floor coverings from […]



STONEPANEL clads the facade of the fifth house certified Passivhaus in Catalonia

STONEPANEL™ clads the facade of the fifth house certified Passivhaus in Catalonia

STONEPANEL™ clads the fifth house certified Passivhaus in Catalonia. Designed by the architect Guillermo Allegrini, the house called La Estrella dels Vents (The Star of the Winds), located in the rural area of ​​Cantonigròs (Barcelona), meets the clear objectives of “energy excellence, environmental quality and respectful environmental awareness”. The architect used only natural materials such as stone, […]









Top 5 best articles

Top 5 most-liked STONEPANEL™ posts of 2018

STONEPANEL™ is the most efficient, safe, aesthetic and the highest quality constructive solution that can be used for any type of natural stone wall cladding. Last year, it has been chosen to be installed on different types of amazing projects from around the world. Check out the 5 most well-liked STONEPANEL™ articles of 2018!