About us

Is CUPASTONE a part of the CUPA GROUP?
Yes, CUPASTONE is a part of the CUPA GROUP, a multinational company made up of 69 businesses with subsidiaries in 9 countries and 25 quarries. It exports to more than 70 countries on all 5 continents, employing over 2,400 people.
Does CUPA STONE extract or produce?
Yes, CUPASTONE has quarries in Spain, Portugal, France, and Brazil and owns processing plants in Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, and China. In addition, we have stable agreements with those producers that meet our quality standards. This allows us to offer our clients more than 500 references in natural stone from all over the world.
CUPA STONE, the experts in natural stone, is a group of companies spanning the entire value chain of natural stone, with producers, processers, marketers, and distributors in several countries, such as Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, China, Denmark, Norway, and the United States.

CUPA STONE Exclusives

Has CUPA STONE, BIM models of its exclusive products?
Yes, from CUPA STONE we offer BIM models (Building Information Modeling) for the STONEPANEL® collection. This dinamic modelling software is available for free for all the proffesionals of the sector that wish to incorporte STONEPANEL® to their projects.
Which products come from CUPA STONE exclusive quarries?
In CUPA STONE we have INFERCOA and GNEISS SAINT-YRIEIX. Both materials are 100% made in CUPA STONE, since they come from our quarries in Portugal and France, respectively.
How many exclusive collections does CUPA STONE distribute?
Inside the CUPA STONE collections that we offer to our clients, two of them stand out for its own, two brands created and registered by the company:
  • Stonepanel®: The first natural stone panel certified for outdoor installations. This collection offers premounted panels for interior and exterior wall cladding.
  • Stonetack®: The first DIY autoadhesive natural slate panel to install on interiors.

Other services

Does CUPASTONE handle delivery?
Yes, our expert logistics team monitors every process and takes care of the delivery to our customers. Thanks to our quality control at source, combined with the standardization of formats, packing list and packaging, and our product traceability systems from extraction to delivery, in CUPASTONE we are proud to provide our clients a quality service.
Does CUPASTONE provide customized work?
Yes, we have our own workshop capable of adapting our products to specific customer needs. Furthermore, our team of experts will provide any professional advice and assistance the project requires. Please contact us if you require more information.
Does CUPA STONE offer installation or building services?
CUPASTONE extracts, produces, and distributes stone products, but does not provide installation services. However, our team of experts is happy to help you, not only in finding an installer, but providing professional advice and assistance to make your project a reality.
There are no CUPA STONE distribution centres in my city/country. Where can I buy your products?
Yes, CUPASTONE has permanent delegations in Portugal, France, Brazil, Denmark, China, Norway, Poland, Nigeria, and the Czech Republic. Furthermore, CUPASTONE has sales representatives assigned to every country. Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


Is STONEPANEL™ a certified product?
Yes, STONEPANEL® is the only pre-mounted stone panel to pass Europe’s most demanding and prestigious tests, and it has been awarded certificates in Spain, United Kingdom (BBA), France (CSTB), Romania (INCERC), Norway (SINTEF) and Germany (DIBT ). Without a doubt, the safest and most efficient stone cladding solution, STONEPANEL™, can be used for any type of exterior or interior project.
Does CUPASTONE perform any quality control tests?
Yes, every natural stone product we offer undergoes constant internal and external (independent) quality tests following UNE and European standards. Furthermore, our own personnel perform quality control inspections at source. Our team of geotechnical engineers makes sure we offer our clients products of the highest possible quality.
Does CUPASTONE sell formats or finishes that are not listed on this website?
Yes, we usually work with those formats and finishes that appear on our site, but we can provide our clients with virtually any other possible format or finish. It should be noted that depending on the characteristics of the stone or the exploitation, some finishes and formats may not be possible.
Does CUPASTONE sell products that are not on this website?
Yes, CUPA STONE offers its clients more than 500 natural stone products from all over the world in a constantly evolving catalogue. Furthermore, our extensive network of contacts allows us to provide our customers with virtually any natural stone product they require. If you are looking for a particular product you can visit any of our distribution centres or contact out team, who will be happy to assist you.
Does CUPASTONE sell artificial stone products?
No, CUPASTONE only sells 100% natural stone products. We firmly believe in the benefits of natural stone as a high-quality, competitive, and sustainable product.


How to install STONEPANEL™
STONEPANEL™ is a pre-assembled panel that imitates traditional masonry, which does not require specialized labour for its installation. It is recommended to set up the panels staggered to hide the vertical joints. Learn more on the Stonepanel™ installation video.
What is the difference between Short and Long Corners?
Short and Long Corners are special STONEPANEL™ pieces created for angles. There are two types of panels with different sizes, the 30cm (length) x 20cm (width) Short Corner, and the 60cm (length) x 20cm (width) Long Corner. The difference in size allows the wall cladding to be staggered. Both pieces differ from the regular panels on their modified back with shortened mortar on one of the edges.
Do you have approved installers?
Not for the moment.
Which adhesive cement should be used when installing STONEPANEL™?
It must be:
  • Interior: C2
  • Exterior: C2 – S1/S2
How does the STONEPANEL™ mechanical anchor work?
STONEPANEL™ comes with a stainless-steel anchor integrated into its mortar. This anchor allows a placement on the wall with the help of a bolt, a wall plug and punched tape. Learn more on the Stonepanel™ installation video.
Can STONEPANEL™ be installed as a ventilated facade?
No, STONEPANEL™ cannot be used as a ventilated façade. However, an exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) with STONEPANEL™ has been developed, which helps the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings.
How to install STONEPANEL™ with a EIFS system
As indicated in the installation document for the EIFS+ STONEPANEL™ system.
What are the measurements of the STONEPANEL™ panels?
Each panel measures 60×20 cm. The special Short Corner has a dimension of 30×20 cm and the Long Corner, 60×20 cm.
How to install STONEPANEL™ on window jambs
There are special panels to finish off window jambs. You can use Straight Solid Corners, which are panels with a right-angled end, and Straight Corner panels, which are regular panels with a straight end. Check availability of Solid Corners depending on the reference.

Do you have any questions about our services or our company?
Our experts will help you without any commitment.