An evolution in keeping with the times: dive into the new image of INFERCÔA.

18 2024
Nouvelle image INFERCÔA

The millennia-old stone that finds its place in modernity.

The CUPA STONE catalog is alive and constantly evolving, which means that each season we introduce trendy items while others are phased out. However, there is one natural stone that has always been there, the Portuguese slate Infercôa, sourced from our own quarries. It is a product with a long history that seemed lately to be confined to a classical aesthetic. It is time to change that, to give it a contemporary twist and to give Infercôa a new image, focusing on the “Ô” of modernity, innovation, and evolution.

Slate is a natural stone extracted from the banks of the Côa River, a tributary of the Douro. A unique mineral formed 500 million years ago, it has witnessed the evolution of Earth. Its veins and textures narrate the history of past eras. Its versatility makes it a modern and sophisticated option for contemporary projects. At CUPA STONE, we want to reinforce this idea and believed a campaign was necessary to achieve it. The main goal was to renew its image, moving away from the notion that it is an outdated product.

How did we do this? By being creative, with a revitalized brand, new formats, and updated documentation. We are leaving classicism behind to focus on the contemporary.

The aim? To break the existing, inspire, and suggest that tradition can be reinterpreted in a modern way. Because the classic can be an integral part of new times, right? Can’t Anthony Hopkins perfectly play the leading role in an indie film? Of course. And we bet he would win many awards with it.

Infercôa for contemporary architecture.

Infercôa transforms modernity into reality in architectural and landscaping projects. From minimalist homes to innovative structures, this material offers a variety of applications that enhance the style and elegance of any environment. Whether used in fencing for modern homes or in suspended steps for contemporary gardens, this natural stone adds a distinctive touch, far removed from the classical image it initially evokes.

This slate can transform any home or garden into a space filled with inspiration and beauty. This versatile stone not only excels in common exterior applications but can also be transformed into a decorative sculptural piece to create a Zen-style garden, or serve as an additional asset to craft a distinctive outdoor space.

Wide range of formats available.

Infercôa offers an impressive array of possibilities thanks to its variety of available formats. From edging and fencing to monoliths and suspended steps, its versatility expands the application options in construction and design projects. This diversity of formats allows designers and architects to unleash their creativity, giving them the freedom to explore a wide range of ideas and solutions. This natural stone adapts to any creative vision.

Discover another facet of Infercôa natural stone: Stonepanel® Infercôa.

In addition to the multiple applications that we can give to Infercôa, at CUPA STONE we also provide the customer with the Stonepanel® Infercôa, the best facade cladding system. This panel offers a natural appearance, highlighting the natural oxidation of the stone. With the Stonepanel Infercôa you can create unique and authentic spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and character to any interior or exterior design project.


Creativity has no limits, and each application becomes an opportunity to merge the classic with the avant-garde. Discover its infinite potential!

Would you like to learn more about Infercôa? Would you like to receive our Style Guide as well as the formats of this exclusive natural stone? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to send them to you!

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