Why should you use Stonetack™?

12 septiembre 2017

STONETACK™, the first-ever self-adhesive natural slate panel designed for decorating interior walls, can make your life easier. You will be able to install each DIY panel by yourself in 3 quick and easy steps. STONETACK™ is made from sheets of slate backed with a thin layer of adhesive to attach the panel to the wall, perfect for homes and businesses. 

Take a look at these 5 reasons about why you should use STONETACK™ for your DIY projects: 

  1. MORE FREE TIME: you can install 1 m² of STONETACK™ in just 10 minutes. Have fun while decorate in your own style. It is possible to change the look of a room with simple projects that you can actually do yourself. Therefore, you can have more free time to spend with your family and friends. The installation is 10 times faster than traditional masonry.
  2. SAVE MONEY: the attraction of doing it yourself is that you can save money. You can decorate your house with one box of 6 units (each one with a surface area of 54 x 30 cm) that allow you to cover a surface of approximately 1 square meter.
  3. NO NEED FOR CONSTRUCTION WORK: you don’t need professionnal work because you can install the panels by yourself. STONETACK™ is very easy to handle (each with a surface area of 54 x 30 cm, and between 5.5 to 7.5 mm thick) and lightweight (only 2.9 kg). Moreover, this panel has virtually non-existent product waste.
  4. DIY IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS: to install STONETACK™, use the following DIY technique. Before installation, we recommend that you plan your preferred design, and test it first with the protective paper in place. Once you’re sure, “Do It Yourself” in three steps: first, clean the surface with a damp cloth and let dry; then, remove the protective films from de adhesive; and finally, attach the panel applying pressure.
  5. EXCLUSIVE INTERIORS: STONETACK™ texture is unique and natural. Incredibly versatile, the first-ever self-adhesive natural slate panel can be installed on any type of interior wall, and goes perfectly with natural materials such as wood. Natural slate’s unique, exclusive textures creates both rustic and contemporary environments.

 STONETACK™ will be a way to save money and to customize your interior wall decoration. You will be delighted to show an original interior created with your own hands.

Find out more decoration ideas of this exclusive CUPA STONE product on STONETACK™ website.

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