The essential element in home decoration

The surfaces where you can capture all the design and decoration ideas that are part of your personality.


The functions of this element of the house are much more than structural, and at CUPA STONE we know it.


The colour, shape or material on one wall can draw the attention of the rest of the home. Our products are designed to achieve the desired design atmosphere, and therefore adapt to your tastes and integrate into that project you have in mind, always carrying our quality standard by flag and guaranteeing the best results.


CUPA STONE has a wide variety of surfaces with which to achieve varied decorative styles. Our natural stone collection offers all kinds of materials in all the color varieties you want, in addition to our two main brands DECOPANEL™ and STONEPANEL™ offer solutions for interior cladding with the best quality and design standards.

CUPA STONE products for your inside walls
Inspiration gallery
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https://www.cupastone.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2022/08/parede_1.jpg 2
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