12 reasons why Stonepanel is the wall cladding solution chosen all around the world

Did you know that Stonepanel™ wall cladding solution is one of our most international natural stone products? In fact, you can find it in wall cladding projects all around the world, both in residential and non-residential buildings: France, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany…

Stonepanel wall cladding system
Stonepanel Multicolor in Chalk Ridge residential (UK), designed by SCD Architects

Stonepanel™ is an innovative system, created and patented by CUPA GROUP, that can be used for any type of exterior and interior wall cladding applications. Furthermore, it is certified for exterior installation throughout Europe, so architects, constructors, owners, and installers have another good reason to choose it.

And, of course, the quality and beauty of the natural stones that compose these panels, and the variety on the range of special pieces such as corners, are also two of its strengths.

Do you want to know more about this outstanding natural stone product? Continue reading to find the 12 reasons why Stonepanel™ is the wall cladding solution chosen all around the world.

Stonepanel wall cladding solution
Stonepanel Infercoa in Casa 47 (Spain) by Arquitopías architects.

12 reasons to choose Stonepanel™

  1. Stonepanel™ natural stone installation system is certified by the most prestigious European organizations: United Kingdom (BBA-Agrément Certificates), France (CSTB-Avis Technique) and Germany (DIBT-ABZ).
  2. Its panels are composed of pieces of natural stone mounted on a cement base and reinforced with fiberglass mesh to avoid the risk of them becoming detached.
  3. Stonepanel™ wall cladding solution allows a simple and quick installation. 
  4. Natural stone products are more durable than other cladding materials, and, virtually, there is no product waste.
  5. The patented incorporated mechanical anchor of Stonepanel™, made of stainless steel, enables its installation on surfaces higher than two meters.
  6. Stonepanel™ has passed hard frost resistance and durability tests.
  7. The base measures barely 3 cm (1.18 in), allowing for the easy mounting of slabs and rustic or antiqued blocks.
  8. The panels are installed in a Z-shaped form to avoid visible joints and to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the work.
  9. Manufacturing processes are continually monitored by the R&D Department of CUPA GROUP.
  10. Panels are manufactured in our standard size 60×20 cm, with different thickness available depending on model.
  11. Special pieces are available, such as corners (solid, straight end, double end or for windows), coverings and other complementary solutions.
  12. There is a wide range of Stonepanel™ models with different colours and finishes. All of them share the beauty and exclusiveness of the natural stone: each piece is unique.


Stonepanel wall cladding solution
Stonepanel Sylvestre in a residential home for elderly persons (France)

To sum up, Stonepanel™ wall cladding solution is the most efficient, safe, aesthetic and the highest quality constructive system that can be used for any type of natural stone wall cladding.

Are you thinking about choosing Stonepanel™ for your next project?



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