STONEPANEL™: special pieces for corners, coverings and windows

27 noviembre 2015

STONEPANEL for a contemporary house in Denmark

Natural stone panels STONEPANEL™ are suitable for installation in any interior or exterior location. In fact, this product created and patented by CUPA GROUP, can be produced in different sizes and with any type of stone. We are going to review the special pieces avalaible of STONEPANEL™ for corners, coverings and other solutions. 


L-shaped natural stone panel made for installation on corners.

The corner is built-in so installation is quick and easy. Its strong and uniform cement base ensures adherence and allows piece cutting without risk of detachment, z-shaped to avoid visible joints.


L-shaped natural stone panel, with long end staggered and short end straight.

Designed to accommodate junctions with windows, this special piece of STONEPANEL™ ensures a higher service life than other stone cladding systems.


These differ from the standard STONEPANEL™ panels because one of the two ends is straight.

These have been created for walls without corners.

Both short and long panels with one straight end are available.


Natural stone panel with staggered ends, designed for installation on columns.

This concrete base does not extend all the way to the two ends. The strong and uniform cement base that ensures adherence and allows piece cutting without risk of detachment.


These curved stone panels are adapted to circular facades. They are recommended for installation on surfaces less than two meters in height.

STONEPANEL™ is the only pre-mounted stone panel to pass UK’s most demanding and prestigious tests (BBA).

For further information, check CUPA STONE website.

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