RAMILO is a pioneering company in the transformation of granite blocks into slabs. Established in 1928 Vigo, it was the first company dedicated to the exploitation of a Rosa Porriño quarry and other granites in the area. It was also the first company in Spain to treat superficially (such as polishing and flaming) these materials, enabling the use of granite in unprecedented applications.

As a forward-thinking company, it attracted international visitors, including geologists, architects and buyers from all around the world.

RAMILO played a significant role in the training of professionals and contributed to the growth of the stone industry in the region.


RAMILO exported Spanish granite worldwide, expanding its work to cities like New York, London, Paris, Singapore, or Tokyo. Emblematic buildings such as the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, the Hang Seng Central Bank in Hong Kong or the Tokyo City Hall are some of the most emblematic works, made with national granite, and carried out by the company in the 1990s.

The company’s activity began to develop exponentially, collaborating with top architects and taking part in significant international projects. Ramilo obtained recognition and prestige beyond our borders. A small Galician company that achieved great success around the world.



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During these ninety years since its foundation, Ramilo has continued working and improving its processes. In the last decade, while maintaining its essence as an innovative company, RAMILO has incorporated new machinery into its facilities.

The new diamond wire cutting machine is a multi-wire system tailored to craft boards and plates of different thicknesses from sizable granite and natural stone blocks. Remarkably, it exhibits reduced energy consumption compared to alternative methods. In practical terms, this cutter stands as the market’s swiftest machine, adept at executing a vertical ascent maneuver with remarkable agility, effectively circumventing unwanted imprints of the diamond wire on the stone.

Its brand-new polishing line excels as well in efficiency and quality. It employs a series of polishing heads with increasingly finer abrasives to consistently achieve top-tier polishing results. Allowing for efficient processing of various granite and quartzite types while maintaining slab integrity. Ensuring stability and durability even when processing thin slabs as little as 10 mm thick

We offer our customers the most advanced technologies to ensure that slabs are treated with the utmost care and under optimal conditions, resulting in a product of excellent quality. This modernization enables the provision of services to its international clientele and the 16 CUPA STONE warehouses on the peninsula.

Being a part of CUPA STONE has allowed an expansion in the range of products and has improved logistical capacity within its ability to ship to various stock locations. Along with CUPA STONE, RAMILO offers a range of alternative products to granite, such as the STONEPANEL and DECOPANEL collections.

Joining a large company like Cupa Stone has provided several added values to Ramilo, such as access to the multinational’s own quarries. Thanks to this, Ramilo can exclusively offer its clients natural stones directly from the quarries that the group has throughout the world: Infercoa (Portugal), Gneiss Saint-Yrieix (France) and Fuji (Spain)

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