Natural stone in sustainable architecture

25 junio 2015

Natural stone has many structural, design and environmental advantages over other building materials. Enduring life-cycle, durability, easy of care and maintenance, recyclability, energy efficency… Thanks to its unique properties, natural stone plays a key role in sustainable architecture.Green building refers to the use of construction materials that minimizes the environmental impact,  improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and pollution, conserve natural resources such as water and wood, are non-toxic, use renewable energies and have a long life-span. Natural stone is typically one of these materials. It reduces the energy consumption and the emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere, increasing the quality of life. Moreover, natural stone blends nature and design to make homes that are inspirational and progressive.

Energy consumption is the main factor in sustainable architecture. A more efficient façade clad in natural stone requires less heat generating or dissipating power and increasing ventilation to circulate the air and keep the building cool.


Natural stone products have the most useful life in architecture. They are resistant, lasting and attractive. In fact, stone does not require any treatment during its useful life as in the case with synthetic materials, metals or glass.

Facades of natural stone and glazing excel with regard to energy efficiency when compared to all glass facades. The heat transfer coefficient for a facade of natural stone and glass is far below that of an all glass facade because of the lower heat conductivity of stone in comparison to glass. This results in lower heat losses in winter and lower air conditioning costs in summer. Likewise, the maintenance costs of natural stone facades amount to only half of the costs for maintaining glass facades.

Limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, travertine or slate improve the sustainable levels in architecture, construction, restoration, interior design and landscaping. Evidence showing natural building stones eco-credentials is increasing. Natural stone restorations offer good opportunities for contributing to a sustainable architecture.

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