Marmomac launches an observatory of the main trends and market issues of the stone industry

02 octubre 2018

Marmomac has just launched a six-monthly research project to keep operators and companies updated on the main trends and market issues of the stone industry.

Set in Verona (Italy), Marmomac is the world’s leading marble and technology sector event. This fair features the latest in design and pushes the boundaries and applications of natural stone. For the 53rd edition, Marmomac has just introduced Marmomac Industry Vision, a new observatory about the trends and markets issues of the natural stone industry.

The data contained in the report were collected from 17,000 e-mails sent with 1,032 unique respondents for an average time of completion of 8 minutes. The report will be sent to registered people the reports starting from November 2018. Here you have some data about the trends and market issues of the stone industry.


Growth in attendance for operators from the United States, China, India and Russia; attendance from European countries was stable, with Germany and Spain again in the top spot, while new opportunities are opening up in Africa and East Asia. 

According to the report, within Europe, the stone trade is stable, while the business with Arab countries in the Middle East, Israel, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico has strengthened. The main markets to invest tomorrow are USA (28%), Italy (22%), Russia (19,7%), China (18%), Germany (15%), India (13%) and Canada (9,7%). 

Residential (50,8%), hotel (20,5%), public sector (14,5%), shops and show-rooms (10,6%) should be the main sector interests for the stone industry in the future. 


Natural stone must become the key for sustainable urban development and urban re-development. The inaugural round table titled ‘Regenerating abandoned areas: an opportunity for our cities’ has shown three urban redevelopment projects in Milan, Aosta and Catania. 

“Sustainability and urban redevelopment are among the objectives of municipal administration,” said the Mayor of Verona, Sboarina. Veronafiere is also involved in the recovery of abandoned sites in the local area. The redevelopment of the former fruit and vegetable market is a fine example.” 

For further information, check Marmomac website.

You can find information about this report on YouTube.

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