3 creative ways to dress up your walls with STONETACK™

31 mayo 2017

STONETACK sur les murs d'un magasin

When you decide to decorate your interior walls, you have to decide how your home will look. You can find the specific look for your interior design using STONETACK™, the first auto-adhesive natural slate panel. The stone texture will add an authentic and natural look to the interior walls of your house or your store, transforming the space.

STONETACK™ can be applied to any type of support, whether it be wood, ceramic, smooth cement surfaces as well as painted walls. Our firts self-adhesive natural slate panels are perfect for homes and businesses (commercial buildings, restaurants, offices, shops…) Here you have some ideas to dress up your walls:


STONETACK in an attic

Your attic can be converted into an addition living room with a touch of contemporary style. This renovation will provide much needed extra living and storage space. A wall installation of STONETACK™ natural slate panels can help you to separate different spaces such as the living room from the bedroom. A pair of large roof windows will provide some light. The living room is small but nice and cocooning.


STONEPANEL in a headboard

You can create a DIY headboard to give an original touch to your bedroom decoration. This type of headboards is mostly decorative and pleasing. You can cut different slate slabs of STONETACK™ and attach them applying pressure, creating a kind of ‘Tetris’. The natural texture of the slate is a deco trend in 2017. Let your imagination run wild and create a DIY headboard!


STONETACK in a restaurant

A good interior design can do much for a cafe, restaurant or bar. Restaurant design sets the stage for customer’s dining experience. There are thousands of factors to juggle such as what your restaurant style will be like. Add a refreshing and friendly decoration for your restaurant with STONETACK™ panels. In this case, the white sofa and wooden furniture combine with the black-colored wall installation of STONETACK™ panels.

STONETACK™ panels are distributed in individual boxes of 6 panels, each with a surface area of 54 x 30 cm, and between 5.5 to 7.5 mm thick. Just one box is enough to cover a surface of approximately 1 square meter. Its dark-hued brilliance and elegant texture add an authentic, natural look to your decor.

For further information, check STONETACK™ website.

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