Quality controls of natural stone

CUPA STONE graniteNatural stone requires some controls to ensure its quality. Since 2013, manufacturers of natural stone products are required to perform some CE Marking requirements.

CE marking is a “passport” enabling a product to be placed legally on the European market. Manufacturers of natural stone products should implement a factory production control (FPC), consisting in laboratory tests with some frequency, to know the physical-mechanical properties of the material and to control production.

All stone, not just that from Europe, must be CE marked. If the stone contractor is importing stone from outside the EU (China, India, South Africa…), they are responsible for ensuring that the stone has been properly tested.

Masonry, cladding, slabs and tiles for flooring and stairs, external paving, setts and kerbs are products that will be required to comply with the requirements of the relevant harmonised Standards. These standards set out the requirements for initial type testing and factory production control. The supplier must declare the denomination of the stone in accordance with BS EN 12440 Natural stone-Denomination criteria.


CUPA STONE natural stone

A Declaration of Performance (DoP) is also needed and must include the intended use and at least one of the Basic Requirements of the Constuction Products Regulation (CPR) as required for the end use of product.

In the case of external paving, the minimum features that the manufacturer must provide are: flexural strenght, skid resistance, frost resistance and the water absorption. It is very important to pass laboratory tests to evaluate stone suitability as pavement. Based on the results obtained, conditions of use must be defined to choose thickness and placement procedures.

From selection to distribution, CUPA STONE is engaged in a constant search for quality by improving processes and services. We firmly believe in the benefits of natural stone as a high quality product, competitive and sustainable.

All natural stone products we offer undergoe constant internal and external (independent) quality tests following UNE and European standards. Furthermore, our own team perform quality control inspections on-site and our geotechnical engineers make sure we offer products of the highest quality possible to our customers.

For more information, check CUPA STONE website.

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