Nassica Shopping Centre

 / Spain
 / 2001
 / Fenwick Iribarren Architects
Nassica Shopping Centre

“Natural stones do not fear the passage of time”

A versatile stone

The Carioca Bronce Quartzite from CUPA STONE was chosen to dress this shopping centre near Madrid. Designed by the prestigious British firm Fenwick Iribarren Architects, and inspired on the famous Rubik’s Cube, the building has a 1000square-metre ventilated facade that stands out for its ochre tones, rough texture, and the rustic look of the natural stone.

Nassica Shopping Centre is a great leisure area, located in Getafe, with a surface of about 50000 square metres.

Perfect materials for outdoor surfaces

The Carioca Bronce Quartzite was installed on the façade of this shopping centre in a big size tile format (100×100 cm). The result is a façade with a natural texture enhanced by the night lighting.  The colour of this natural stone remains unchanged, thanks to its high resistance and durability, even decades later.

Available from standard sizes, 60×30 cm and 60×40, to big size tables, and a minimum thickness of 1,5 cm, the Carioca Bronce Quartzite can be installed both outdoors and indoors, on walls, gardens, or pools.

The durability of Slate for outdoor floors

The centre also has a Verde Bosque Slate flooring, from CUPA STONE, installed on the exterior areas. A resistant paving that stands the passage of time in high-traffic areas.

(Photos: Vincent Bauza Photographe)

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