INFERCOA slate: high versatility, resistance and elegance

Infercoa for facade cladding

INFERCOA, extracted and distributed by CUPA STONE, is a unique black toned slate with a characteristic rugged and natural appearance. Highly versatile, our Infercoa natural slate can be used for any kind of interior or exterior application. Unmatched resistance and natural elegance make this natural slate the perfect choice for any project.


INFERCOA endures harsh weather conditions: hail, ice, etc.

Rugged surface ensures high slip resistance.

Our natural slate for exterior flooring makes a positive impression for the long term.

Suitable for stone road paving, because of its increased thickness


Hard and versatile, our natural slate is available in a large range of formats and custom sizes.

INFERCOA is suitable for any kind of interior or exterior application.

Common uses: flooring, paving, façades and posts.

Other uses: road paving, fountains, columns, monoliths, stone paths, etc.


INFERCOA is a unique black toned natural slate with grey shades. Its rugged traditional natural slate appearance is perfect for any project of modern and traditional architecture.

CUPA STONE offers more than 200 references in natural stones from all over the world: granites, quartzites, limestones, marbles and of course, slates. We have quarries in Spain, Portugal, France and Brazil and own processing plants in Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil and China.

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