CUPA presents its natural stone in the International Building Fair Brno

CUPA STONE participated in the International Building Fair celebrated in Brno (IBF 2013), the annual event bringing together all sectors which take part in house construction and building management services in the Czech Republic.

The 18th edition, under the theme ‘All you need for your house or appartment’, was held on Brno’s Exhibition Centre, from April 23 to 27.

In 2013, the highlighted topics of this fair were energy savings, low-energy buildings and  the latest interior design trends.

CUPA STONE presented its product STONEPANEL®, a unique system, created and patented by CUPA GROUP, that can be used for any type of exterior or interior natural stone wall cladding application. The visitors to the fair were shown the versatility of our inimitable natural stone panels. STONEPANEL® is the only stone panel to pass Europe’s most prestigious tests, and has been awarded certificates in Spain, United Kingdom (BBA), France (CSTB), Norway (SINTEF), Germany (DIBT) and Romania (INCERC).

Furthermore, our natural stone panel is suitable for installation in any location, can be produced in different sizes and with any type of stone, including different sized corner pieces, coverings and other solutions.

CUPA STONE showed its natural stone tile ORIENT GOLD QUARTZITE, an ochre and gold colored quartzite.

This stone tile can be installed on interior and exterior walls.

It has an elegant and bright appearance.

The natural stone division of CUPA STONE also introduced its natural stone tile MULTICOLOURED ASIA SLATE, a multicolour brown slate with blue and rusty shapes in varing proportions. This natural stone can be used on interior and exterior flooring.

You can find out more information about CUPA STONE.

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