Unalterable over time

Resistance and versatility of formats to complement outdoor spaces that stand up to the passage of people and time.


An essential part of any project is to integrate and adapt the exterior pavements to the rest of the project in a uniform way.


So that you don’t run out of that material you want so much, CUPA STONE offers a wide variety of products, so you can find the tone, color and format that best suits what you are looking for. Always thinking of the best possible quality and keeping in mind high durability and resistance to any external condition.


We have diferent kinds of natural stone in different shades and colors, as well as materials that range from granite to slate and that offer special characteristics for outdoor floors, such as anti-slip properties, resistance to shock and heat, great versatility; and most importantly, the ability to be the material you want, something that only CUPA STONE products can offer.

CUPA STONE products for your outside floors
Inspiration gallery
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