Purity and warmth

Combining the purity of fire with the warmth of natural stone improves the quality and well-being of home spaces.


Seeing the fire crackle protected by strength and the shelter that only natural stone can give is a pleasure for any home lover.


Giving this aesthetic touch that only stone can give to a fireplace must also go hand in hand with a resistant material that ages well over time; and withstand sudden changes in temperature. Materials such as granite or slate will be perfect in your living room, giving it a more rustic and modern atmosphere.


Our innovative system of natural stone panels, STONEPANEL™, guarantees elegant and timeless fireplace cladding; which, in addition, together with our slates, offer great resistance to high temperatures. Finally, and for the most traditional, our GRANITES collection also has a wide variety of color tones that adapt to any fireplace project.

CUPA STONE products for your fireplace
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