CUPA STONE for creating an elegant and sophisticated interior flooring

Are you thinking about inspirational ideas for decorating the interior flooring of your home with natural stone? Check out our collection HOMESTONE, one wide variety of materials such as slate, granite, marble, limestone and phyllite. The textures and colors of CUPA STONE natural stones are inimitable, ideal for creating beautiful interiors. Our collection allows you to combine the quality and durability of natural stone with our design, elegant and sophisticated. We have some great design ideas with our natural stones:


Deep black colored fine-grained granite.

This natural stone is listed as abrasive and slip resistant.

Granite, granular  in texture, consists mainly of quarzt, mica and felspar.

Recomended finish for interior flooring: aged, polished and honed (a smooth surface without reflection to prevent slips).


Golden marble with distinctive brown and cream colored natural stripping.

This marble has a texture compact, a low absorption and a good strength. Its characteristic aged finish can help you create elegant interior floorings.

It is available in Roman Pattern (standard format: 60×40 cm). Can be produced in other sizes: 90×60 cm and 60×60 cm.


Slate-like dark toned rock, with visible quartz crystals.

Hard and versatile, this natural stone is available in standard formats: 60×30 cm and 60×40 cm.

It is split into an average thickness between 1.2 and 3cm.

This stone can be available in big sizes.

We recommend the following finishes: polished, honed and aged.


Homogeneous limestone with fine grain and a distinctive beige colour.

Split into a thickness between 2 and 3cm, this limestone have two standard formats: 60×30 cm and 60×40 cm.

It can be produced in any size up to 150 x 70 cm.

This stone has a compact texture, a low absorption and a good strength.

For more information, visit CUPA STONE.

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