Invasion of elegance, light and harmony

The set of tones and colors offered by natural stone are decisive when it comes to transmitting a personality according to our space.


Depending on the environment, we will want floors made of one material or another, since it depends on the use it is going to have.


That is why we have a wide variety of types of natural stone to choose the one that best suits your needs. Products ranging from the most resistant granite to durable slates. These materials will make your interiors natural spaces adapted to the latest trends.


Our range of natural stone has a wide variety of materials and colors that can be prepared in different finishes according to the space in which they are going to be installed. Our GRANITES collection also offers the best characteristics, such as its resistance or durability, and adapts to rural and cosmopolitan environments.

CUPA STONE products for your inside floors
Inspiration gallery
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