Natural stone, the most efficient cladding solution

Natural stone, the most efficient cladding solution

In CUPA STONE, we focus our efforts in the development of new, more efficient, responsible and sustainable construction solutions.

CUPA STONE extracts, produces and distributes quality stone products, the most efficient cladding solution.


LESS IMPACT: the environmental impact of a ceramic tile is 4 times higher than that of a slate tile.

  • Slate tile [ 2cm ] 4.155 points
  • Sandstone tile [ 3cm ] 5.495 points
  • Varnished ceramic tile [ 1 cm ] 17.501 points

LONGER SERVICE LIFE:  natural slate doubles the service life of a ceramic tile.

  • Slate tile: 110 years
  • Varnished ceramic tile: 50 years 

MORE EFFICIENT: Higher termal and acoustic insulation than ceramic imitations.

  • Slate tile [ 2cm ] 2,2 W/mK [conductivity] 2.700 kg/m3 [density]
  • Ceramic tile [ 3cm ] 2,3 W/mK [conductivity] 2.500 kg/m3 [density]

100% RECYCLABLE: stone is a completely natural material.


For more information, visit CUPA STONE website.

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